Perks of Partnering with us!

Below are several reasons why partnering with us can bring you maximum exposure, and increase your content immensely.

Monthly Games

Every month you will be rewarded some steam game codes to giveaway to your viewers!

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Green Username

To help you stand out on the forums, you will also be granted a green username so all can know you're a Partner!

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Sponsored Content

As a result of becoming a Partner, we will sponsor your content on our website, as well as on the the partner website.

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Shout Outs

We will frequently shout you out on our social media to ensure the maximum exposure to your content!

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About The Partnership Program

We're currently looking for members of the gaming community to sponsor! This means if you are an upcoming streamer, tweeter, or anything relating to gaming then we're looking for you! In becoming a partner with us you're ensuring that GameHandout expands, and grows as a community. GameHandout Partners help shape the community with their shoutouts, feedback, and having a face to put with GameHandout.

Top Partners

Latest Partners

Below you will find all of our latest Partners, and a short article about them.


 itsthesherf   Hey everyone! My name is Sherry, but a lot of my gamer friends just call me Sher. I am 24, and I am completely obsessed with Chinese food. Great intro, right? When I’m not gaming, I’m working retail hell, hanging out with my family or my boyfriend, watching Netflix, and doing my photography/graphic […]


 GewoonRobbie   I am GewoonRobbie, (Robbie Janssen) I am a 18 year old boy from the Netherlands, my hobbies are gaming and I study IT. I am known as the pineapple on, I came to this social media because I was looking for a community to hang out with and to game with. Together […]


 Twincky Hey You Guys!!!! This Stream is mainly having fun and enjoying the game. I do walkthroughs and trying to get 100% on the game I do Giveaways every 50 followers If u in the stream for viewing ur earning Souls Points where u can redeem them for cool prizes and entering giveaways . make […]